VEN Website 2015 Launched

“...As the website automatically publishes to four of our social channels, we can fit in so many more updates....”

September 8, 2015 / Launch

VEN Website 2015 Launched

Its been some time, but the first release of our latest website will present the work we have been deploying as solution or ongoing service, as well as help generate content for our social media channels via our CMS integration to articles, case studies and the blog.

Yes, its 2015, 7-years since our last website version was first deployed! We hope you like the new design, and keep coming back as their is more to come in future releases. In this release  we have added some of our recent integrations:

  • Case Study Articles - each section is a stand alone page with its own SEO. They can come with a "Table of Contents" style within the page to allow users to jump between the contents that they are interested in.
  • Social Channel Posting - a publish of a page now allows us to select which social media we publish to - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Instagram...with many many more in development.

Please watch this space... or our social channels.