Video Channel Integration

Nichi Green teachs on Ekhart Yoga - the most subscribed Yoga video channel on YouTube. We recognised the new website we were also building (see here) should ready for embedding video, and that a social channel be developed over time. Partnering with Vimeo, we are able to choose which media each video is allowed to play through - with the first being a website-only "The Yoga Space Experience".

“...The video has been a great success on the website, with new students being able to get a real feel for the space and the classes, we have seen a significant uptake of new students.....”

Nichi Green, The Yoga Space

Step One: Channel Production

New Studio, New Students, New Teacher - It was essential that I knew the practice well. Due to the nature of the subject matter, we used panning and tracking shots to capture the flowing and synchronized movement. 

Step Two: Editing

Being Adobe Partners ensures our technicians are well trained on Adobe products - including AfterEffects. Colour grading and lighting was provided to the footage to balance where the sun disappeared. Simple transitions retain the authenticity of the practice. Captions were used to break-up the two classes 

Step Three: Vimeo Encoding and Channel Configuration

Using AfterEffects, we edited down 3-hours of footage shot over two classes in to 3.5-minutes. To retain the feel the studio took on with the sun shining through the stained glass, most of the footage was treated with Colour Grading and Lighting effects. The editing provided Captions, Transitions, Speed, Tracking, Cropping, Panning, Blurs. The video was then encoded for perfect playback across all devices with a customised player and restrictions to website traffic only.