Social Media Integration

Outputting Social Media with the perfect messages placed for each device display with the correct image settings and call-to-actions takes a great investment in time - especially when the business needs to promote many times a month to over three channels. Our solution not only allows provides this in one click, but also drives the social users to your website and its more developed call-to-actions. We also bring a sense of community with shared comment aggregation from the channels.

“...When helping our customers track the success of their digital campaigns through analytics, we realised that one of the main causes of poor results was the format of the campaign. ....”

Douglas Breaks, CEO, VEN

Build Your Own Community

Coming back to your site is a good start, but to generate the buzz a social media site means one thing - allow conversations. Our Community Engagement module allows your pages to host the conversation whilst posting back to the social media sites you have shared the post to - aggregating commenting across your site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and more. Let your users promote your pages for you. And the next visitor to that Class, Workshop or Blog will read these positive comments. 

Users Share Beyond the Channel They Found You

Sharing a page is quite common place, but with these previous two features in place it is much more likely you can allow this to have a greater outreach - add more sharing channels than you use in your business and the user can add links back to your website on the likes of Pinterest - opening up a new audience for your brand, service and an important backlink for your website ranking.