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MINDBODY API Integration

Having been asked to review a website proposal for his yoga teacher, our lead analyst (Douglas Breaks) realised that the Yoga and Wellness Industry had been sold short on what was possible. Neither of the two large solutions had a responsive design or had good analytics tracking behavior - however, the largest flaw was presented to the users of these website with poor IA and User Experience.



A New MINDBODY User Journey

Having reviewed many of the websites, we realised a few things: 1. Liability Waiver - was across the board - even for newsletter sign-ups - not a great incentive. 2. Products had one set of terms. 3. Advise was site wide, and not Class Specific. 4. Class and Workshop Descriptions were extremely poor with low-quality layouts, assets and text formatting. 5. The Cart was confusing on Mobile Devices, often popping new pages on Smartphones.

SEO for MINDBODY Endpoints

Removing: complex pricing pages. SEO Unfriendly Cart Modal. Poor Class Listings. Poor Workshop Listings. Poor Teacher Listing. Caching Data locally - so removing egg-timer frustrations. Providing custom controls. Adding Credit on Account,