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Automating Sales Workflow for Legal

With so many sources for leads, it can be hard to manage how to record them, and even harder to assign them, leading to chaos when shortcuts are made and checks aren't made until its too late - client conflicts, money laundering, monies on account, etc. Engaging the customer with the perfectly presented and personalised contracts, correspondence and meeting requests is the next challenge. Doing all in a timely manner and with the ideal escalations takes a well organised system and integration to business favorites such as iPhones and Outlook. 


“...The CRM system now provides a structure to the leads coming in, most importantly, we never lose one....”

Customer Project Manager, Legal Firm

Tracking Expenditure in Lead Generation

With so much effort and expense being put in to lead generation, be it Social Media, SEO, Networking, Events, etc. tracking these costs should be vital - monetizing Google Analytics is easy, but the Partners dining expenses are a little harder - and then theirs everything in-between. Our solution captures the source of the lead and provide reporting on the performance on each one - allowing informed decisions on what works and for what service or customer segment.

Lead Assignment with Automation for Digital Sources, and Escalation

Ensuring a Lead is responded to whilst its still hot or available is key to the sale. The higher the level of automated assignment the better. Our solution takes structured data from a website, email, PDF Form or structured hardcopy and submits it to the correct team or expert. Less structured leads, such as telephone calls, normal emails, post, etc. can be recorded quickly and assigned on to the experts. Each process has escalation points with tasks that alert in Outlook or mobile devices. 

Sending the Perfect Take On-board Emails

To ensure a team can develop, we provide the subject matter experts the ability to provide the perfect email templates at various stages of their sale. Using the existing data within the Lead, with one click of the mouse, any member of the team generates an email with all the relevant variables filled. The email is also tagged, so when a response arrives, the status of the Lead is updated and the Fee Earner (or, within holidays or escalations, a member of the team) will proceed to the next stage.

Stopping When Its Needed

Every business and team wants to progress work as fast as possible when it is on their desk - however, this can cause the business to suffer much greater issues further down the line if the appropriate checks have not been run - this can be from taking monies on account, receiving documents for money laundering checks, reviewing potential client conflicts. Our system halts and escalates the stage of the sale for any one of these requirements. 

Estimating Sales Revenue

Each sale can be rated and along with each account. Over time, these figures help the system calculate the estimated revenue over the next 90-days with increasing accuracy on each proposal within each service.