Precision Support App

When out in the field, support technicians find it hard to close down support cases hosted within CRM via a desktop interface, as they were floor walking or offline. Additionally, we found that support cases often required a number of technicians and other support staff to work on a case concurrently, so handing over a case between the multiple parties lead to delays and occasional lack of timesheet billing. As service offerings grow, the support technicians were lost on what each customer required for standard operations leading to inconsistent service delivery and complaints. Additionally, they would not know the correct method of billing for each type of contract the customer had taken.

“...Our service levels have excelled by arming our team with tablets - visiting customer sites now mean all cases are recorded and timesheets submitted as they walk the floors....”

Douglas Breaks, Managing Director

The Challenges of a IT Support Tablet App

  • Provide timesheet management on multi work streams for a single incident case.
  • Replicate behaviour between the App and CRM for maintaining consistent information and workflow.
  • Objects deleted in CRM causing Sync issues.
  • Provide a case template for standardised operations.
  • Connect the standard operations to contracts for automated billing profiles.
  • Present the app with any updates to drop down controls and related pick lists without redeploying the app.
  • Provide all this in an offline app for iOS and Android for smartphone or tablet.

Offline Access for Task and Timesheet Management

The problem with IT Support and updating our own systems with our progress is that its often when we are at a site with no internet access - the reason we are there. Additionally, adding timesheets to a CRM System can be difficult on a tablet or smartphone. Our app ensures that the team are able to submit timesheets whilst offline - which then sync's back to the CRM system when back online - with any conflicts presenting simple resolution choices.

Recurring Service Templates for Perfect Resolution

With IT (and many other procedural led services), we know the perfect approach can be taken in analysis, action, and responses to all recurring cases - being it checking the monthly data backups or reviewing server error logs. However, individuals can forget or cause errors. Our app delivers the perfect set of cases per service, ensuring they meet the standards our service delivers, with all tasks describing the desired outcome with links to Knowledge Base Articles. Tasks can be easily created and/or assigned to other team members, third-parties or customer contacts. Timesheets can then be added concurrently.

SharePoint Integration

Document storage can be used, with a folder created per case, were scans and useful documents can be stored. The case can then be related to a Kb article where this documents will form part of the guided procedure.