Vip 3.0 - A Self-Service Portal to CRM Records

Client operations demanded better insights to delivery of services/hardware, plus the ongoing maintenance and asset management. Additionally, the customers were moving in to the mobile technology more, so wanted to use the VIP on their mobiles, and also wanted to manage their mobile assets and support cases within it.

“...Having the self service portal allows our customers very simple access to setting up a new user with the perfect set of resources - either from stock or new.....”

David Atkinson, Head of Unified Technology

Exposing Case Management, with Notes and Activities

A truly responsive design with notes and activities displayed as and when the user needs that information - but allowing them to easily submit new notes, which updates the team immediately.

Standardised CRM Cases and Products - Ensuring Perfect Delivery

Every device and build has been recorded within CRM as a product, allowing the customer to select the pre-agreed equipment for a new provision - so the customer knows what they will be spending in advance for each smartphone, tablet, pc and build. On submission of the onine order, the CRM Cases and Order Products are distributed between the specific teams.

Automated Analytics Either Cached or in Real-time

Service Costs and Analysis using SSRS with Real-time or Scheduled Updates for Telephone, Mobile, IT Support and Development.