Mobile Access to Your Desktop O365

Remote workers were often leaving the customer headquarters and not returning for years at a time. When customer headquarters were too remote for faster internet connectivity, their remote workers would not wait for the automated sync process to run on their PC’s – often leading to a loss of data in hard-drive failures or computer theft. They would also not receive updates to system changes distributed centrally, such as email signatures and document templates.

“...Since we have been using this system, we have not lost any information from a single laptop - plus users have access over their phone....”

JOHN O, Site Director

Desktop & My Documents on Mobiles

Ever arrive at a meeting a remember you forgot to print or save a document you need? Empower your workers with access to their personal documents and profiles stored on their PC's via mobile apps so they have constant access. Our solution synchronises their desktop, My Documents, and other profile data (such favourites) to the cloud - so no more data lose when the hard-drive breaks or laptop goes missing. Then with a swipe of a finger print or entering a pin, users have full access to these files on their smartphone or tablet... or another internet browser.

Automatically Updated Signatures

As site workers change location and contact details - even company - their signatures often became out of date or poor in formatting after some self helping HTML editing. Our solution centralises all signatures and delivers branded updates across a group of companies, deriving the content from the users contact details from Dynamics CRM or Windows Server Active Directory.

Standardised Devices, Same Day Dispatch

When a PC, smartphone or tablet fails, depending on stock levels, a replacement will be built to a standard for the user's role and dispatched within 8-business hours. In the meantime, the user can gain access to all their documents, emails and profile via an internet browser. The replacement PC will sync with the cloud and present the user with their desktop, profile and My Documents, just as it was on the previous PC.

Learning Collaboration Skills

Our team also engage with your users, with 1:1 new starter training and ongoing webinars on how to get the most out of their technology. We can even manage the users personal development records and end-user agreements.