Proposal & Service Automation for Building Services

Having surveyed a building, contracts and proposals were being manually designed. Designing contracts manually is time consuming and was left to the surveyor to guess materials to be used. Additionally, material was sent out without formatting and with a large degree of human error. Assessing materials and effort required was also a challenge that often proved costly. Then retaining control on service when the services started was slow to initiate and hard to control. Assigning the time across the users was important. Our Dynamics CRM solution automated the quantity of services that were to be quoted (from a separate survey recorded on our Survey App), with the sections required for the proposal selected, and with a click of a button, the perfect proposal and contract is generated in PDF, with COSSH, Quotes, Scope of Services, materials, staff time, all broken down in appendices.

“..."The survey app has made our proposals take a day instead of a week… with greater accuracy and a click of a button to initiate the services"....”

Ben Godden, Director of Operations

Amalgamating Services for Proposing using Dynamics CRM

Once a survey has been completed (please see our Survey App case study), the services are selected for output to an Opportunity - our CRM solution combines common services, so when the same number of staff will perform one service across different areas of a contract, these will be combined. The services are then mapped to the CRM Products for the perfect quantities, including materials, equipment and consumables.

Producing the Perfect Proposal from a CRM Opportunity

Once the products are in the Opportunity, a user merely selects the discount options and sections that need to be output to the proposal, before pressing Build Proposal. 

Automating the Services, Monthly Invoices and Audit Tasks

Once the Opp has been won, the contract is made active by the Service manager with the initial monthly invoices automatically generated, along with Cases for initial customer engagement by the service team leader, training for the team members and plus the perfect set of audit cases per floor of each building using a recurring periodical for the Service Team Leader to complete - these tasks are sent out to the Service Manager's Audit App (see our Service Audit App). Every month, the service manager receives a new set of service activities to assign to the Service Team Leader (or the holiday/sick leave replacement).

Perfecting and Appending the Service Agreement

Based on the amount of labour and products the system had automatically derived within the CRM opportunity, a mathmatically perfect breakdown can be provided in a service agreement. The agreement has been appended in the the proposal, with a version number in the footer, along side the global page number of the entire proposal - ensuring no "mix-ups" between versions can occur on sign-off. The agreement can be generated in multiple formats - "short", "long", "long with profit" were designed in this instance - selected by the sales team based on the sale. Every service on every floor is broken down, and its is possible to provide a total figure per building (useful with separate managers or units). Periodical services, daily services, a breakdown of materials used and costs associated, the consumables and machinery for the length of the contract. The periods of access per service, number of staff - everything a customer would need for approval - right down to the methods used to audit and fix issues (see the Service Audit App for more information on this).

Displaying a Concern for Risk and Audits

Within the appendices, its also possible to present the risk assessments based upon the services being applied to the various areas set out. The system automatically pulling them in from the Dynamics CRM database - all  administrated by the Service Manager role, these are tailored to the type of customer building - be it medical, retail or office, for example.

Automatically Including COSHH

If required, by ticking a box, the COSHH statements are also included for each material - providing everything the larger customer will need to ensure no issues with their own regulations.