Site Survey App for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When attending a new site, surveyors are often recording their visits using pen and paper or touch-pad devices in an unstructured way. At best, this leads to key services being forgotten about, and at worse leading to whole rooms or areas of the building being left off the survey. 

“...The survey app has made our proposals take a day instead of a week… with greater accuracy and a click of a button to initiate the services....”

Ben Godden, Director of Operations

Surveying a Building

Surveyors are automatically assigned buildings to survey via their app, along with who they are meeting and the buildings to survey for a contract. Each floor is then added to the building before they survey the floor, adding a room at a time.

Setting Services Required within the Room

A surveyor now has the ability to record every room within a site, setting its type, and then recording the service required along with time required. When the survey is complete, a simple service selection allows the surveyor to specify which services need to be proposed for now, and which for later when the service contract comes up for renewal (recorded as a future opportunity within the CRM). Now every service is recorded for every type of room (and based upon the customer type - be it a hospital, retail or office).

Specifying the Services per Room

In this case, the services were regarding commercial cleaning, but applicable to any service within a building, the surveyor is prompted to record the amount time a service team member will need for each area/service. The surveyor then moves on to the next service. 

Sync Survey App When Back Online

Did we say this can all happen offline? Once the  surveyor has completed the survey, by clicking a button, the app synchronises the content back to the sales team, who are notified once the surveyor sets the survey service as complete.