Role-Ready Devices in 24-Hours, Design in 1-Min

We have found that most problems users have with technology tend to be due to a poor build or specification. The challenge is standardising the builds for each user, then remembering who has what and what to do when the leaver leaves or changes site. 

“...Having the perfect PC, mobile phone and dongle sent to a site within 24-hours makes our teams life very easy.....”

Commercial Director, International Construction Company

Designed for People on the Move

Office or Site managers can use the new Create User form on the Vip from their preferred device - ideal for these busy people on the move. 

They get to select from role-tailored resources, and submit requests and/or orders for assigning a new user with new PC's, licenses, smartphone, tablet, modem, deskphones, etc. - either from stock of new builds. 

Our team then receives the perfect set of orders and cases related by user and device. The Site Manager could have previously scheduled a staff leaver through a similar form, allowing the devices and licenses to be left in stock for reassignment in this scenario.

Auditing by User and Device

Every request is tracked - new software installed, new license applied or revoked, a device rebuilt, or re-assigned. You can see the history of every user, PC, smartphone, tablet, sharer, telephone extension, deskphone, in-bound number, sim-card, etc. Monthly analytics also provide a simple overview. 

Creating Users using Standardised Profiles for Sites, Builds, and Devices

Your organisation can be made up of multiple companies, multiple locations, different project references - Vip allows for all of this. Each company, site, or role can have their own set of standardised builds to select from. The more options to set, the more specific the builds and devices become. Every single build and device has pre-agreed pricing.

What Our Team Receives

On submission, the relevant teams within our organisation receive their orders or cases to process. Every stage that they meet sends the relevant email notification to the originator, site contact, and end user.

What Order Originator Receives

The relevant members in your team receive notifications with links to the cases for ongoing tracking and communication on-line or via email. The originator receives order confirmation, which, when fulfilled and delivered, will convert to invoice and send to the billing contact.