Automating Event Management for Global NGO

Four essential items at an Event; Program, ID Badge, Participant List, Event Booklet. Manually updating this information was laborious, so using the events registration system, we went on to create publications that run from these records – the benefit being, no repetitive Graphic Design costs for unique runs, no time delays – just press a button for each.

“...where Douglas and his company really excel is helping us to realise the potential of the CRM system to run projects and maximise productivity. He works incredibly hard to take our ideas from thinking to reality, and he is not only excellent at the technical development and at showing us what the CRM system can do, but, unlike many "techies", he works extremely well with people and is good at conveying ideas as well as at producing results....”

Emily Melton, Chief Operating Officer, World Energy Council

Understanding the Event

The event was for leaders in world energy and the host country government officials. It involved every department within the organisation, presenting a challenge when understanding the workflow and individual processes each department took - and then establishing a common language between them.

Email Campaigns and Event Registration Portal

We had previously setup the Dynamics CRM system with Membership records against each contact, so selecting the the correct members to invite was much simpler for the internal membership managers. Each member was sent the appropriate email based on templates we designed, automatically selecting the template based on their membership and replacing the variable fields with data from their contact record - removing the human errors.
Each Member received an email with a link to the new WELS Event Registration Portal with an random password for access.
The portal provided all the information the participant required, downloadable in a single PDF, with automatic recognition if being printed to exposed tidier CLICK HERE buttons with full URL's - for instance.

Participant Profile Wizard and Secure Payment

The profile wizard displayed a preview of the actual PDF page that is printed, with Name, Bio, Company, Membership (for this invitation if many in place, as per the board members, for instance), photo. All this information updated their Dyanmics CRM contact record and event registration record. 
The registration process allowed a user to submit the required fields only with automated reminders to return as deadlines for parts of the registration were required - such as submitting a profile and photograph for the booklet and badge, or specifying flight or dietry requirements for themselves or guest.
The payment cart used PayPal over 128-bit SSL encryption. 

Event Badge and Takeaway Booklet

Once the registration deadline had been completed, with a click of a button, varoius print-ready PDF's were automantically created from CRM:
Event Booklet was automatically created in a print-ready PDF. Including:
participant list grouped by membership type, sorted by internal priorities. 
participant bio's per page with photo, etc.
welcome messaages from event leaders with their signatures included
automated contents
Participant Badges (printed in-house)
With colour coded bar to identify security access levels to events team
Event ID barcode
Downloadeable A4 Infomation Sheets
Venues Information
Draft Programme
Participant List for planning of networking

This saved months in production time and removed embarrassing human errors.

Event Management Training and Guide

Step-by-step instructions allowed the event programmers to simply step through the CRM system assigning tasks to the various teams to complete before moving on to the next stage, such as launching the portal, sending invitations, or printing the booklet. 
The following event was run with no need for our teams input.