VEN Sesame App - Opening Doors with Your Phone

The slickest form of door access authentication - VEN Sesame allows smartphone users to wave their phone to gain entry to secure areas.

Owners of spaces like gyms, yoga studios, and co-work spaces waste large amounts of their profits managing wristbands, membership cards and on reducing the queues at reception… VEN Sesame is a game changer.

“...We wanted the slickest way for our customers to gain entry to our gym and treatment rooms - VEN Sesame met our goals and actually improved them - pays for itself on the first wristband order....”

Sam Unadkat, Founder, WE11 - Co-Working for Fitness Professionals

Simply Open Doors with a Smartphone

In its most simple format, VEN Sesame smartphone app allows a user to walk up to a door with a traditional keypad and gain entry. VEN Sesame App can use MIFARE or Bluetooth (BLE) to talk with the keypad - as chosen by the owner of the door. Extending the Bluetooth range helps the VEN Sesame user open the door when carrying heavy bags. Good bye lost wristbands, stolen cards, long queues at reception.

Preferred Form of Swiping

The door owner can also allow us, the user, to even register our preferred method of swiping - perhaps we travel to the co-working space over London Underground, and want to use our Oyster Card or we use our bank card to travel with anyway… we can use VEN Sesame to register the MIFARE card to be our ongoing form of communication.

Facial Recognition and Secure QR Codes

The door owner could have added an intercom-styled camera to the door which allows us, the user, to use facial recognition or QR Code scanning.

For facial recognition, via VEN Sesame, we can take a photo and register this to our profile for ongoing use across all enabled doors.

For QR Code scanning, we can use VEN Sesame to present, for instance, our membership QR Code. The camera will read the QR code off the smartphone screen in an instant (even when moving around slightly) and then authenticate the user against both the QR Code and the users personal device - now QR Codes are secure.

Glass Doors, Low Budgets and Remote Opening

Where doors cannot have a keypad or camera mounted, such as when the door is in a glass partition, a door owner can allow us to use VEN Sesame to open the door via the app - a list of all the doors we have access allows the user to press the Open button and, if we have access, the door will open. Perfect for meeting room access, squash courts and other areas where a keypad or camera are not possible or maybe where the budget is low.

Even the owner, their security guards, and building managers can use the app to open all doors they have access to - this can be extended to being within a proximity of the door - owners may have the ability to use VEN Sesame to open the doors from anywhere in the world, whereas, perhaps building managers can do so when within 50-meters of the door. So even if we forgot to add the new cleaning company to VEN Sesame before we went on holiday, we can still the open door without leaving the sun lounger.

Download VEN Sesame

Download VEN Sesame and we'll set up on our test doors.